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Hangover Hill Studio
     Andy Starmore Photography comes highly recommended by Hangover Hill Recording Studio and Events. We have worked with him for just over two years and have found him to be both approachable and professional. We recommend him to both studio clients for photo shoots and music videos as well as using him for our live music performances. He is always looking for ways to capture the perfect shot and is innovative in his approach.
Ian Bennett (Forest FM presenter)
    I go to many live music events and always check up what the press has to say about them. I've noticed that Andy really has an eye for capturing performing musicians, his images are always of very high quality.
Matt Griffiths (singer/songwriter)
     I've been lucky enough to be the subject of a number of Andy's photos, he has a unique eye that has captured some of my favourite moments as a musician, I really can't recommend him enough.
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