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Welcome and Opening Offer

Welcome to Andy Starmore Photography. Aimed purely for musicians, venues and festivals, whether it's seasoned professionals or up coming stars of the future, Andy Starmore Photography captures the artists doing what they do best - playing music. As well as photographing live gigs Andy can also offer musicians photo shoots in a studio or on location. It might be for a promotional push on a forthcoming gig or tour, a CD cover, or simply to print off and frame to give it to your proud gran for Crimbo.

On top of the still photography there is also the opportunity to get your video produced of your latest masterpiece you've just written and recorded. A video will just top that masterpiece off.

On the portfolio page of this brand new website you will see plenty of artists that have been the subject of Andy Starmore's array of lenses and there will be plenty more to add over the next days, weeks, months and years to come.


As an opening offer for this brand new site, if any artist wishes to book a photo shoot (studio or location), photography at a gig, video at a gig or a music video for any date throughout 2020 (if date is available) before midnight on Tuesday 31 March 2020, there will be a 20% discount.

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